Hello World! Welcome to Prompts4Pros!
Hello everyone! I am extremely happy to have you here!
On this day, January 9th, 2024, I am launching the newest version of my website, just in time for the launch of OpenAI's GPT store, where you will hopefully see my well-crafted and useful GPTs to use for the good of humanity!
OpenAI's GPT Store Launch The invention of ChatGPT has fundamentally changed the author's life forever, for the better. Do not get it confused, the "AI Revolution" is not something that is happening because of the mega-cap giants that have dominated the US over the past 20 years; in fact, these huge companies were too busy suing their competitors and lobbying governments to maintain their dominant positions.
The David in this story is OpenAI, and ChatGPT is the smooth stone. ChatGPT is THE product that has caused the Goliaths of America to dance.
Now that OpenAI has made their presence known, they are in a position to let their users contribute back to their success. Much like the genius move by Steve Jobs nearly 17 years ago, OpenAI has created a de-facto app store for their users and developers to create "apps" for others to purchase and use. Because of this, I decided that selling my prompts would be much more effective if used directly in ChatGPT, so I converted most of the prompts into GPTs themselves.
The Journey Over the past year, I have been very active in the creation of prompts for AI models; whether that be ChatGPT, or image models like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or Dalle. I have always had the same goal of creating tools for software developers, as opposed to just creating random ones for the sake of it with no real direction. I have mainly been selling these prompts on a website called PromptBase, a small company based out of the UK. My products are still live, so check them out if you'd like. Sadly, I did not see the activity that I was hoping for, and it was pretty depressing and demotivating due to the amount of work I had put into this project.
However, I persisted and continued to make the best and most useful prompts for developers and white-collar workers. Once late November rolled around, I was very excited to hear the OpenAI Dev Day speech given by Sam Altman, and the announcement of GPTs. This reinvigorated my will, and I switched gears to make GPTs as the main product line. What's Next Over the next few months, we plan on improving our current GPTs. We are going to come our with dozens of guides and articles to support users using our GPTs, we will come our with a lot of prompts, in each article to support each of our GPTs. They will be coming out soon so stay tuned by following us on social media! Until next time, my name is Thomas, and I hope you enjoy our products!